My name is Cel. I’m a disabled trans woman, and I am terrified about my future now I know there’s another five years of the Tories. It’s already been bad for me, and I know it will get worse.

I was a full time student until I was diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago. I’d been getting firsts in the work I handed in, but I had to interrupt because of the physical and psychological impact of my cancer. I was refused a student loan because austerity changed the rules.

In November 2014 I was made homeless. I’ve been sofa surfing since then. I’m in the process of making a homeless application, and I’m desperately hoping austerity won’t make it impossible for me to find anywhere to live. Since then my health has got worse and being homeless makes it really difficult to take care of myself and access medical care.

I fundraised then but sadly the month delay meant it didn’t come through until after I was evicted. Much of the time since has been spent coping with the effects of that, though I have managed to get a decent amount of university work done.

At the moment, I can’t claim benefits, even though I am a UK born citizen and I have a GRC which means it shouldn’t be difficult. I’ve never worked pre-transition, and had around fifteen jobs paying tax since, as well as had to claim benefits twice. Something’s went drastically wrong this time. I cant disclose more about this for legal reasons, but suffice to say at the moment my income is zero and I can’t see it changing much in the future.

I really hate having to ask for help, especially when this is all stuff the state should be giving, but I need money so I can finish my degree for September. A couple of generous friends have managed to find me somewhere to stay in London until mid-July at least, but I need money to get back down there and to buy food, medication,to pay for disability-related essentials, and to travel into Uni. Please can you donate to help me get these simple things in the face of terrifying austerity?

My paypal is (redacted) and I’m incredibly grateful for anything you can spare.

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  1. Cel – call us (Macmillan) on 0808 808 00 00. It’s free from a landline. We’ve got benefits advisers who can help you with claims and we also have a grants team who might be able to help you out in the short term. I’m one of the people behind our Twitter account @macmillancancer and you can tweet me on that if you need any more information or help. Take care – Carol

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